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Stressed out at work? You need to Franchise your life!

[fa icon="calendar'] 03-Aug-2017 16:22:12 / by Steve Ritson posted in Financial Services, executive search, business owner, CNA International, Franchise Opportunity, Recruitment Business StartUp, Pertemps Network Group, Training & Development

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  • Do you feel a bit stressed out at work, where the smallest problem you’d usually deal with becomes an issue you cannot face?
  • Is your work-stress making you feel ill-are you taking time off work that you normally wouldn’t?
  • Do you get butterflies on a Sunday night and that feeling of dread that Monday morning is approaching?
  • Do you sometimes lack the motivation to get out of bed and arrive at work later than you’d usually do?
  • Are you as productive at work as you once were?
  • What about the people you work with? Do they now irritate you (More than usual that is) and are you as sociable as you once were?
  • Do you have a good relationship with your boss? Are they supportive, do they provide you with job-diversity and challenge you?
  • Have you been passed-over for promotion, has your employer hired outside the company instead of promoting you?
  • You have been asked to take-on additional responsibilities or your position has changed but you’ve not had a salary increase?
  • Maybe you don’t believe in the company’s values anymore? Perhaps this is making the working culture uncomfortable for you?
  • Do you fit in with the company culture?
  • Remember the excitement and passion you had for your job-if this has gone-perhaps it’s time to consider a move?
  • Finally realised that your boss is making all the money and you’re not
  • You’re billing £100-150,000 and getting to keep 20% of it!
  • You have outgrown the company you work for but don’t know how best to become self-employed

If any number of these resonates with you, you should be open minded to new career opportunities and be speaking with CNA Financial Services & Specialist Banking.

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