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 Our Franchise Owners

CNA Franchise owners come from a wide variety of backgrounds mostly joining us with limited or no recruitment experience. They are however similar in their drive and determination to be successful in their profession as an executive search practitioner.

Some of our franchisees are only interested in working from home, others are looking to grow into a business that will allow them to open an office and employe staff. At CNA the choice is totally yours! The one thing you will know for sure is that whatever your path we, and our parent company Pertemps Network Group, have vast experience in recruitment and building sustainable business entities.

As a CNA franchisee they are not limited by borders or disciplines, in fact we encourage active participation in our international Practice Groups covering market sectors and skills across the globe. We pride ourselves in the revenues generated inter office through close collaboration and communication throughout the franchise.

Perhaps you would be interested in having an informal conversation with a CNA franchisee? We are happy for you to speak with whoever you like within our Global Network.

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